Variable Assignment

Hi Colleagues;

Just a query as to whether it is possible to assign a value to a variable for reference as a validation criteria. For instance I have a date field that I would like to check whether it falls within a particular date range, however I would like that date criteria not be inputted by the interviewers at each interview, hence have the date values stored in a hidden variable (i.e. that I can declare and assign value) and only referenced for validation.

According to my research I do not see this as possible, however would appreciate your input in case I may have missed this bit or any suggestions or work around to having this implemented.

Many Thanks

Dear Donald,

thank you for the question.

Survey Solutions supports “hidden questions”:

You can pre-load the hidden questions with desired values and utilize them in validations or enabling conditions without letting the interviewers change their values or even know of their existence.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Thanks for the quick response, I’m unclear as to how the value is assigned when the question scope is set to hidden, i.e. what is the steps to have the preloaded values assigned?


preloading is a natural part of a survey setup in Survey Solutions. See details “here”:

Best, Sergiy Radyakin