I Have a roster A that in takes hours ( like 4:00am-5:00am) for the 24 hours. Within it i have another roster B that in takes activities with that hour and a question Q4 that take the minutes for a particular activity. Within roster B i have another rosters that takes the simultaneous activities for the activity in roster B and also has Question Q5 that takes the duration in minutes for each particular simultaneous activity.

My question i want to add a validation on roster A so that calculates the duration of the activities with that hour don’t exceed 60 minutes.

How best can I Handle that.

Dear Xavi,

the public questionnaire “Public example User questions and common patterns” demonstrates this in section Burgers. In the example it validates the total against a number asked in another question, in your case it is simply a constant 60.

Now in many surveys of time use some activities are allowed to happen in parallel (e.g. “watching TV” and “eating”), in which case the total is expected to be over 60 sometimes. The simultaneity is captured with a question such as “Did this activity occur with the previous at the same time?”. In which case you skip the duration of this activity in calculating the total.

So the corresponding structure should be:
R1: hours
R2: activities

Your design with 3-nested rosters sounds rather complex, but may be is required to capture something else. While it could be architecturally correct, it may be difficult for the respondent to structure his answers in the way you require.

Could you please post the link to the PDF of the questionnaire (paper prototype if you have it) to see the text of the questions?

Best, Sergiy Radyakin