I have 2 problems that I need assistance with.

  1. Question 6 of my Qr asks for the name of the household head. When listing the members of the household, I need a validation that will prevent the issue of having a different name in Q6 and the first name to be listed in the household list.

  2. In my Qr, there are questions that asks for total number of hours spent on 3 different jobs. There is a final question that asks for the total number of hours spent on all 3 jobs. What sort of validation that can be used to automatically adds the total number of hours to be input in the last question?

appreciate your help on the matter


  1. First ask the list of household members. Then ask which one of them is a household head with a linked question.

  2. You can use the addition operator, which in Survey Solutions is implemented with the + sign to find the total number of hours worked. However, most questionnaires also ask for the number of jobs first, and skip unnecessary questions, so you may need to add the validation to the second job hours too, if the number of jobs is 2.

Best, Sergiy