Validation regarding date

Could you please help with this validation:

Previous interview should be recorded as MMYY. YY can be current year or current year -1.

Thank you

ask for the month and year separately as two categorical questions. give 2 options for the year and 12 for months.

if the interview is known to have happened in the last 12 months one categorical should be enough.

Please could you provide assistance on the following:

  1. Rotation group should be one of these alphabets "A,B,C,D, E, F, G’
  2. In a roster the following questions are asked:
    a. Date of visit
    b. HH ref no.
    c. Status
    Now, can we input a validation check to verify that the ‘HH ref no.’ is same for each entry made in the roster.

Thank you for your usual help

If some piece of information is same for all items of the roster, it should not be part of the roster, but part of the upper level structure. For example, hhid is not a person’s characteristic since it is the same for all members, but a household characteristic entered once without a roster (for interviews corresponding to households).

Ok many thanks.
What about the question rotation group. An interviewer is supposed to fill up the rotation group. Ive put this question as text. How am i going to control the category of the answer enter i.e the answer should be A to G alphabets.

what is a “rotation group”?

Rotation group is related to sampling; Rotation group for instance takes values of A or B or C… X.

Since this information is coming from the sampling stage, it should not be entered by the interviewers at all. Preload this value into a hidden question. Since you are preloading it, no validation is needed within Survey Solutions.

It is not about the question. It is how to put such type of questions. that’s just an example. is there any way whereby we can put a text question with restriction on the alphabet to be entered?

Thank you.

One way to restrict the possible answers (text or otherwise) would be to ask a categorical single-select question including the letters (A, B, … G) as the options. This way only a permitted letter can be selected.


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Thank you Klaus.

I have been able to do it using ‘int.Parse’ and as for categorical single-select question was not ideal in our context.