Validation or filtering list based on a dynamic roster

Hello everyone,

I am very new to SurveySolutions and I apologize if this question was asked already but I could not manage to find the answer in the forum or in a tutorial video.

In my questionnaire, we list the members of the household in a roster (Roster_Household), the first person listed is the targeted main respondent (which is not necessarily the head of the household), and later on in the survey, we administer a section to the spouse of the main respondent.

In the section for the spouse if the main respondent, there is a multiple responses question where we ask which members of households would inherit a plot of land if the main respondent died (the one listed in the first position in the Roster_Household). So if the name of the main respondent is selected, it would be inconsistent in my data. My questions are:

  1. Can I just display all the members of the households with excluding the ones that were listed in the first position in the Roster_household?
  2. Alternatively if 1 is not possible, Can I configure a validation with a warning message if the first member listed in the household roster has been selected

If you could also advise on the coding for one of these options that would be extremely helpful.


Good day, Marie.

As I got your case you could you the Filter field of the Categorical questions to exclude unwanted options from the list (take a look here). Also I tried to implement you scenario in this questionnaire on the Designer.

Best regards, Vladimir.

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Hi Vladimir,
Thanks for your reply! However, I don’t manage to access the questionnaire.

I have added permission and both scenarios. Example1 - filter, Example2 - validation

Great now I could see it and tested, this is perfect! Thanks a lot