Validation for choosing answers based on response to previous question

I have the question below which asks about the type of fuel used most for cooking:

Later, I have a multi-select question which asks about what items are owned by the family:

It is possible to create a validation rule so that if a person chose 1, 2 or 3 in the first question, then option 8 must be selected in the current question. What I have is:
fuel_cooking.InList(1,2,3) && self.Contains(8)
but it is not working.

Two follow-up questions in order to help you better:

  1. What type of multi-select is question_4_11 : simple check box or yes/no mode?
  2. Could you please unpack “does not work”? If you’re seeing error messages, could you provide them? If you’re not getting the expected result, could you say what you expect, and what result you obtain?

I guess “doesn’t work” in this case means false errors.
Indeed the expression requires option 8 to be always selected and will immediately result in an error as long as it is not.

To correct one must add an escape for all other cases, such as:
(fuel_cooking.InList(1,2,3) && self.Contains(8)) || !fuel_cooking.InList(1,2,3)

On the other hand I wouldn’t make such a validation, as having electricity (option 3) opens a possibility e.g. to cook using a microwave (option 10).

Perhaps the order of the questions can be changed, and one could ask availability of assets first, and their use afterwards??

It’s a checkbox type question

Thanks for the direction Sergiy. Instead of an error, it could be just a warning for cases like that.