Validation conflict

Hi SS Development Team,

I faced validation conflict issue. I have a question that “How many children you have had ? Please count all children born at any time in your life.”

I have created the child item which question type is “Numeric”. I also added special value…
98 = don’t know
99 = Refused

I used validation condition that children shouldn’t be more than 15.
Error message “Please confirm than respondent has had 15 or more children”.

I have selected 98 or 99. Therefore, the program is showing the above error message which I don’t want.

I want to show the message for “>=16 to <=97” or “>=100”.

What syntax I have to used?

Screenshot is attached for your reference.

Please suggest.


I resolved the issue at my end. Thanks, SS Team. No need to look into this subject.

Sitanshu, thank you for confirming that you’ve found a solution for the above problem.

Since this is a public forum, and readers come to this thread seeking advice in a similar situation it is a good tradition to actually post the discovered solution so that others may benefit from it.

In this case the validation condition could be:
self.InRange(0,15) || self.InList(98,99)

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Thanks Sergiy for your feedback. I have used the syntax like this…

QFERT<=15 || QFERT.InList(98,99)

This will miss the negative values, like: -5 or -99.

Yes, you are right. Great assistance. Thanks a lot.