Validation Conditions variables

Dear SurveySolutions Team,

I have the questions : “Q1. how much did you receive IN-CASH?”, with Validation conditions that contraints answer from 0 to 100000 (unit: thousand LCU). Then I ask following question that “Q2. What period did this payment cover?” with list of answer choice including (Day, Week, Month).

Now, I add the validation condition into Q2, such as:
Q1 answer: from 1 to 500, then the answer of Q2 should be “Day”
Q1 answer: form 501 to 1000, then the answer of Q2 should be “Week”
and so on …

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Best regards,

Looks like Q2 has only one acceptable answer once the answer to Q1 is given, thus the Q2 is redundant and can be removed

On the other hand there is probably no difference between values of 500 and 501 and thus it is not clear to me why for a small change in Q1 there is an abrupt change in Q2.

Because the respondents’ answers about income can be weekly or monthly. For example, a person A answered that his income is 10 million/month, and person B replied that the income is only 2 million/week. But, if the answer to question Q1 is 10 million, but question Q2 chooses a week, it will not be inappropriate. Because we do not have a contraints the income in Q1 is monthly only, so Q2 is created to see if the income is over any period of time.