Validation condition within roster

Dear support team,

I would like to add some controls within a list roster, and I am not sure how to do so.

Say, my roster is based on a list of IGA related to the name of the IGA given by the respondent. Then, I have two questions that should be related:
ia5 is a single-select categorical question that asks your type of work (1=employee, 2=apprentice, 3=own business, 4=paid in family business, etc.)
Then, ia7 asks “who do you work for when you conduct this activity?” and options are: 1= myself, 2=my spouse, 3= my mother, 4=private sector, 5=government, etc.
I would like to create a validation condition so that you cannot pick “own business” in ia5 AND any answer different from 1 in ia7.

Meanwhile I have a second control on the same ia7 question so that you cannot pick “government” in the sector of activity AND any answer different from 5=government in ia7.

While writing these two validation conditions separately, one keeps on appearing when the second is validated.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Dear Lorraine,

use enabling condition in both cases to suppress second question (no reason to ask a question that has only one answer).

Best, Sergiy