Validation condition single list= text can't work

I’m trying to do the following enabling condition but it looks impossible. Is there any other way?

var1= single select, from cascading box
var2 = text


thank you.

ContainsOnly works with numeric codes of multiselect questions. You’ve indicated that var2 is a text question. Hence it is not supposed to work by design.

What is your condition supposed to be doing?

To check if the option selected in my single select question is equal to my text question. It is actually for a validation condition.

In the context of the multilanguage surveys this check doesn’t make sense: the result of the check may be true when the language is English and false when the language is e.g. French. Hence in Survey Solutions there is no way of accessing the text of the options selected in categorical questions from the syntax.

Ok, thank you. Maybe for future version then :slight_smile: