Validation condition for single select

Hello Support team. I am having a problem implementing a validation condition.

This is the order of the questions.

Q1. How much land do you own?
Q2. Do you lease do any land?
1. Yes
2. No
Q3. How much do you land do you lease? (For those who have said yes to Q2)

Q4. What is the total land that you own and lease?

I have used this code but it is working one way

I don’t see any code in the post, nor the description of the validation condition.

(Q4<= Q1+ Q3) || (Q4<= Q1)


Q2== 2

This is the code i have written. I want those who say

@sergiy apologies, i accidentally posted half way

The following should hold
q4 == q1 + ( (q2==1) ? q3 : 0)
provided that you have answers to all questions and there is no rounding.

Hello @sergiy . It is only working one way.

There validation condition should ensure that the total land cultivated (q4) is not greater than land cultivated at q1 if no land was leased at q2. Also, the total land (q4) should not be greater than total of q1 and q3 id land was leased at q2. This one is only working Q4 is greater than Q1.