Validate fixed roster table cell

I am trying to add a validation condition for the total column (marked in green) of a fixed roster table. But right now the error message is displaying in all the cells in the column. How do I write a validation error message that only displays in the total cell?

roster table

Here is the syntax used:

  1. I think you can calculate the total from the other cells data, so it should be ommitted from the questionnaire.
  2. The error that is higlighted could be due to any of the cell values. Highlighting just the total is misleading. The current version is more intuitive imho.
  3. It is possible to show the red error in just a particular cell in Survey Solutions’ roster, but this is the case where I’d opt for (1) or (2).

Best, Sergiy

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Sorry @sergiy, just out of curiosity, how is it possible to do that? :point_up_2:t2:


Not sure why is this causing a difficulty. If the validation condition is evaluated to false only for some of the cells, then only those cells will have the red error marker. For example, if you validation condition is self>=0 then the error marker will only appear for the negative values.

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