Validate based on an item in another roster

Dear All,

How can I put a validation in another roster using an item from a previous roster. For example I have asked the assets owned by the households from a list of assets. Now I call a roster based on the multi choice question on assets owned by the HH. If the household says the HH has TV the questions asked are when they have purchased in the last 12 months or before. This questions are in the roster. Now in the next question i ask about the Non food consumption expenditure where they are asked about the expenditure in the last 12 months. Now I want to put a validation in this multi choice question where in the asset module if they have purchased the item(TV) in the last 12 months and here in the non food expenditure module they have to select Yes or else it should be flagged and given an error message. How can i put this validation

Thank you

A lot depends on how your questionnaire is structured. This description leaves a lot to the imagination.

For example, the check could be:

!((ASSETS[TVCODE].purchased12==1) && (tv_exp_12==0))

There should not be a case where a HH reports purchasing a TV in the last 12 months, but declaring zero expenses on TVs in the last 12 months”.

Enforcing a symmetric opposite condition may be too strong, as the TV may have been purchased, but has been lost, stolen, damaged, gifted away etc since then.

Thanks but the last variable is a multi select variable with yes no option then how should I write the code. So the code for TV is 3115 that should not be selected