Using Survey Statistics

Dear Survey Solutions team

Thanks for continuous given us a better tool and for all your hard work in this project named Survey Solutions.

Today I have some observations on the reports generated by Survey Solutions.

I did some tests, then I gathered all the information exported and tried to get the count, the sum, the median, the maximum and minimum value.

The calculated values ​​versus the Survey Statistics were the same in the count, the median, the maximum and minimum value.

In the sum, the value provided by Survey Statistics is 24336, but the value obtained in the exported information is 24349.94.

In addition, each report always shows the value zero for the Average field, the same situation for the 05th percentile, the 50th percentile and the 95th percentile.

This is the report of Survey Statistics

This is the value calculated using the file exported

I would like to know more about how to generate the reports in Survey Statistics, because I found some values ​​for the Average field in the Quantity Report that I have no idea how to calculate them.

Thanks for always help me.

This is a known issue (KP-12906) caused by the recent changes to the database structure.

The following rules were violated in the statistics report:

  • Median is the same as 50-th percentile always.
  • 95th percentile is always not smaller than median.
  • Average is never smaller than minimum.

Earlier versions of Survey Solutions produced correct reports:

At the moment the status of this problem is “fixed and in testing”.
Estimated time when this fix is pushed to the client’s servers is July 2019.

Thanks for your quick response.

Thank you for continuing to work and make the Survey Solutions better every day.