Using Supervisor App and while assigning assignment/task to Interviewer does not get sent (Outbox)

Using Supervisor App and while assigning assignment/task to Interviewer does not get sent. It remains in the “Outbox” - Tried from the web browser with same Supervisor credentials does not work too - mean assignment does not get sent to Interviewer App.

Is it possibly due to server config. as follows:

Your expertise and advice will be highly appreciated.

Sending assignments from the supervisor to an interviewer works between two android devices being in close proximity and supervisor and interviewer apps establishing direct connection and exchanging data, so no, there is no relationship with the (mis)configuration of your server - the warning you see is that most likely you have attached a domain name to your instance (like but haven’t updated it in the configuration. as a result, if you run a websurvey and generate links, those will not contain the correct urls.

On the topic of android-to-android communication, could you provide more info? do you have two devices running two apps, and interviewer from the same team logged into the interviewer app?

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Many Thanks Zurab for the response. Yes, Supervisors have Interviewer and Supervisor Apps installed in Lenovo Tab (Android). Interviewers have only Interviewer App installed on Lenovo Tab (Android). Interviewers from the same team are assigned to a particular Supervisor and logged in.

On the topic of android-to-android communication - could you please specify more - are there any settings to made or done or configured (such as Bluetooth or same Wi-Fi network - we will be using mostly the mobile sim card for internet) between supervisor tab and interviewers tab…

Much appreciated and looking forward to your response.


AFAIK this interviewer account will not be able to synchronize with his supervisor if both are on the same tablet.

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Thank you for the clarifications and it clarified my doubts now. Much appreciated.