Using @rowcode as Individual ID

I’ve created a variable that uses @rowcode from a listing of names to generate Individual IDs for each person. I’ve found that initially, this approach seems to work, but if I close the questionnaire and reopen, the ID is now, for example, 3.0 instead of 3. It there a better way to generate individual IDs?

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And what problems does it cause?

I was wondering if the change in format would cause a problem down the road.

I assume that SS use its own IDs. Can I reference these?

I believe there exists a road, down which 3 and 3.0 are two different numbers. I don’t see how this is related to Survey Solutions.

In what context do you even need individual IDs?

This is for a household budget survey and, as it stands right now, certain paper documents will be given to householders. One of the codes that has to be written on the documents is the individual ID. So if there are 6 persons in the house from whom information will be collected, six different IDs from 1 to 6 will be used to differentiate each person.

reverse the sequence: preprint (in the office) the unique identifiers on the documents and when handling down the documents to respondents scan the DOCUMENT_ID for each person to whom you hand it out.

Barcode type question is included for exactly this kind of uses.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks. I’ll look into this.

I would like to ask a followup question. I am liking the barcode idea. Is there a way to create a roster based on the barcodes scanned for the different individuals? So if I scanned 5 barcodes, create 5 sets of questions for each code.

No. Rosters are triggered by numeric, list, multiselect questions or have a fixed list of items.
That said, your collection is HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS, your roster trigger is likely a LIST question, and you put a barcode question INTO the roster (with appropriate condition determining eligibility).

Could you please introduce yourself, your survey, add a link to the questionnaire prototype, intergviewer manual, anything?