Using response to a multi-select question as part of an enabling condition of a subsequent question

I have a multi-select question with variable name Q36 “which of the following types of transport did you use” which includes options like 1…car 2…motorbike 3…walking (this is a simplified version). I want to make a subsequent question “how much did you spend on petrol” that only appears if one or both of 1 and 2 have been selected to Q 36. From reading how the coding for export works at I would have thought that this would work as my enabling condition:

Q36_1 == 1 || Q36_2 == 1

But I get a compile error “Enabling condition has a syntax error”. What is the correct way to refer to responses to a multi-select question in the enabling condition of a subsequent question?

Please read the following article. Specifically ContainsAny.

Thanks Michael Lokshin. You left out the link to the article (I think you probably meant but your answer gave me the right thing to search for. Q36.Contains(1) || Q36.Contains(2) is what I needed.