Using nginx as a proxy server


I have installed Survey Solutions and its running fine on the local network.
However, when accessed offsite, only the homepage displays fine and the rest of the pages after logging in are distorted. We are using nginx as the proxy server.

Can you please clarify on how nginx can be used as a proxy server for Survey Solutions.

Thank you.

Perhaps, raise an issue with nginx support team?

Okay. I’ll ask nginx team.

Thank you.

Do others have any experience to share?

@ashwinikalantri , I seem to recall you mentioned nginx in another thread.

Our network team has setup nginx for routing multiple sites. I have never faced such an issue where pages are distorted.

What do you mean by distorted? Have you tried using another computer to access from outside the network? It could just be a browser/PC issue.

@jonag ,

is your issue with nginx resolved now?
If yes, could you please elaborate what was the reason for the problem, and what has helped?

Best, Sergiy

Dear Segiy,

The issue is not yet resolved. The image below shows how the distortion looks like.

Thank you

Please check that your proxy sever is not blocking or altering content of the files especially files like “en.ae07c3aad09d.json” (en.[token].json)

This configuration assumes that Survey Solutions is running on the specified IP and port without any path prefix. Adjust the configuration accordingly if Survey Solutions is hosted under a specific path. You may need to change your IP, but then you should consider buy proxies and most importantly choose the right locations. Also, make sure that Survey Solutions is configured to work with the base URL you’re using.