Using more than 200 items in a multi-select question

Hi all,
I am designing a survey on seed dissemination in Uganda and thus I would like to ask the specific location where seeds have been disseminated.
I would like to avoid respondent/enumerators to type in the specific subcounty name (as you can imagine), but uploading the list of subcounties (the number is 1520) is not possible due to the limit of 200 items per question.
Is there a way to get around this limit?
thank you in advance

Multiselect combobox allows for large number of options (15,000 at this time). See the corresponding announcement here.

If you have the file of subcounties, you can upload it right away, if not, perhaps inquire from the colleagues at UBOS (@innocent)

Thank you so much Sergiy! Yes, I do have the list already.

Also on this matter:
How can I filter the optioncode (subcounty) based on the districts previously selected?

Use the filter property of the subcounty selector. You will also need to describe to the computer the relationship between subcounties and districts, as it wouldn’t know by itself. You can use a lookup table subcounty–>district for that.

Thank you.
Do you have an example of this? Unfortunately, it is not extremely clear how I would do that.

As I understand, the pattern that you are trying to implement is a cascading multiselect. An example of this is in the “Public example User questions and common patterns” in “Selecting food items consumed” section.