Using Backup files

Dear all,

We would like to use the backup file downloaded from one tablet, as this tablet does not manage to connect to internet. Is it possible to read this file (which is in ibak format) and/or upload it onto the server?

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Dear Hugo,

no, this feature was introduced for a different purpose.

See also here:

Most internet connection issues are solved by inspecting the network settings of the tablet. If the problem is with the hardware (wifi board, antenna) see if you can temporarily borrow this part from another similar tablet or connect to a cable network (google for OTG Ethernet).

In most cases it is cheaper to re-collect the data than try to recover it from the tablet that is damaged, but this of course depends on the survey.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks for your answer.

I am going to ask another question on another issue in another thread, in case someone will have the same issue one day.