Users management in workspaces

Survey Solutions user Youssef Awani (@youssef ) has sent us the following question:

… create a new user who can export data and can’t see the admin survey, this new user needs to create a new surveys

The isolation is handled with workspaces. If Youssef wants to have two surveys, managed by two persons and neither of them should see each other’s survey, then both of them must be created in HQ-roles and assigned each to his/her own workspace.

This is exactly what the illustration shows:


  1. create a green workspace
  2. create an HQ account for user E in the green workspace.
  3. create a blue workspace
  4. create an HQ account for user H in the blue workspace.

No survey is hidden from the admin. The admin has access to everything: all users and all surveys in all workspaces.

PS: there is no special status “admin survey”. Furthermore the admin user is having enough work managing the server and accounts to be involved in any particular survey. Use HQ-accounts for daily survey work.

Hello Team,
Am Mussa Nyaa from Tanzania, Sorry am planning to use a survey solution App for my survey end of this month, I met some difficulties when configuring the App. Please assist me on server setup and installation.