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I am exploring the workspaces feature in the new version of Survey Solutions. I am not able to move users between workplaces. I see two greyed out buttons - Add to workspace and Remove from workspace. How do I get this to work.

Also, can I add the same user to multiple workspaces? If yes, can these users have different roles in different workspaces?

Select an HQ account with a checkbox, then the ADD button will become effective and you can decide where to grant that user access.

See the rules guiding workspaces use here:

Thank you! I now understand that only HQ and observers can be moved/added/removed to a workspace.

I would like to suggest that the users not be tied to a specific role. So, a user may be HQ in one workspace, supervisor in another and an interviewer in the third. This will make it easier for a user with different responsibilities across different surveys to work.

Under the current scenario, I will have to create different accounts - one HQ user account, supervisor and interviewer accounts for each workplace for the same person.

Also, would love to see single sign on / active directory integration in SS.

And this is a rather low-cost workaround that any survey organizer may practice now. Even within the same workspace (older model) the supervisors were sometimes issued interviewers accounts if in need to make corrections without resending the data back to the remote interviewer.

Yet, where our involvement is critical, is where no workarounds exists, such as if the interviewer needs to be part of more than one workspace. Given that the registration is immutable after initialization, the interviewer can’t submit to a different workspace or different server (without uninstalling the application and loosing the collected data). Switching that on the fly would be good next step.

Occupying different roles in the survey is also problematic from the training standpoint, it’s hard to imagine taking an interviewer, perhaps even very talented one, and putting him at the HQ role to work with statistical packages or controlling the API. The roles are sufficiently different in skills requirements to be interchangeable.

Using the same interviewer (also supervisor) for a different interview is a scenario we will be interested in. Look forward to the implementation.

We do foresee scenarios where a HQ from one interview may be a supervisor/interviewer in another. The interviewers and supervisors’ roles may be assigned interchangeably. A supervisor from one interview may collect data in another. An interviewer may get promoted to a supervisory role.


I read this topic and the link about “Isolation of work into workspaces” in Version 21.01

I share with you some doubts about this point:

“5. Questionnaires are imported into workspaces. Same questionnaire may be imported into different workspaces if necessary and their version numbering is independent”

A survey with a same Questionnaire imported into different workspaces and versiĂłn numbering independent make that exported data be independent too?

Yes. The export files will be separate.

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