User can't install the Interviewer App on older Samsung Galaxy tablets

It works on other andriod tabs perfectly. Is there a criteria for tablet model selection? We will be doing a survey with statistical officers in Vietnam this week. So it would be great to have your advice on the choice of tablets at the earliest.


You wrote: “The interviewer app does not seem to work on Samsung Galaxy tabs”.

Any specifics that you could report?

As I mentioned in an earlier email, I could not install the Interviewer app in my Galaxy Tab 4.0 tablet. The error message is " There was a problem parsing the package". I have tried to change the setting Security to " Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store " to no avail. It happens that many GSO tablets have the same issues. They can install the latest Interviewer app on their new tablet but not on their older tablets.

We need feedback on this immediately, as we are planning to start the trianing of field teams tomorrow in Vietnam.

  1. The Interviewer App doesn’t work because you haven’t installed it.
  2. The message you are seeing is not coming from the Survey Solutions Interviewer App.

I trust that you’ve checked the minimal requirements for the Survey Solutions Interviewer App.

I suggest you consult the manufacturer of the tablet regarding this issue and let us know what is their advice.