Use of mobile data connection for horizontal synchronization between interviewer and supervisor

Hi all,

We intended to use mobile data connection (using SIM cards) to link the Interviewer and the Supervisor to allow for horizontal synchronization. Currently, Survey Solutions supports use of Bluetooth for this process. Is it feasible to adopt this approach on Survey Solutions. We do not intend to have the interviewers to synch directly to the server but they have to synch to the Supervisor.

Hello @mapuweitw , very interesting request. Could you please tell a bit more about your experiment? Thank you, Sergiy

We intend to use mobile data instead of Bluetooth for horizontal synchronization between the fieldworkers and the supervisors. We are working in a high risk area where we want to avoid the loss of information/data and at the same time have a field supervisor to monitor quality of data collected in the field. Synchronisation by the fieldworker to the supervisor must be done soon after completing the questionnaire before moving to the next household.

In this case the interviewers should send the data directly to the server, and the supervisors do the necessary checks online. This does not look like the backdrop for using the Supervisor’s app, where the lack of connectivity is key.