Use of maps in local server

Hello! I have some basic doubts about upload maps when you are working in a local server.
I would like to know If before upload map I should do some previous steps in the server.
I have been reading some topics in the forum but I have doubts…
Could somebody guide me with this?

I have been reading some topics in the forum

  1. Which topics (link)?
  2. What doubts do you have? (list your questions)

Link topics:

We have done all the steps but the problem is how Geography question works on the tablet .

My first doub is that we work with a Local Server but I´m not sure that the steps of the topic about creating baseline map, shapefile be the same as in your Server.

-baseline map: This map must be preloaded as a TPK ?

-single shapefile : "This shapefile must be placed into the folder TheWorldBank/Shared/ShapefileCache/ and must contain all three mandatory shapefile components (*.shp, *.shx, and *.dbf) accompanied with the .prj. "

What “placed into the folder” means? This is talking about some place at the Local Server?

“Once the shapefile is present on the tablet, it will be automatically overlaid over the baseline map” ,

I must upload the tpk file and then shapefile whit the information of the area?

I think that something similar is my problem but don´t understand how the usuario resolved it.

Then you should see the picture in the geography question. Do you see it?

Yes, I See It. I attached some screen shots from the device.

  1. Map uploaded following the steps. Size 437 MB
  2. View of the map
  3. Map default in the device

Hello! I am also wondering how to place *.shp, *.shx, and *.dbf files into the folder TheWorldBank/Shared/ShapefileCache. Where is that folder or how can it be created?

@aortiz_dd, so we are clear with the first part of your question - you can set up and deliver maps to the tablets on the local server and the process is no different from a cloud server.

The second part of your question (and also where @FMBARBA steps in) is where to place the shapefile?

The folder is to be found on the tablet. To copy the shapefile there you can use:

Given the image 2 above, I don’t quite see the benefit, since you seem to have already overlaid the boundaries of parcels onto the map. So if the shapefile is the same boundaries, you won’t see anything new on the map, or perhaps the same boundaries in a different color.

In my tablet the folder is this : TheWorldBank/Shared/MapCache (instead ShapefileCache) and inside is colonia_soriano.tpk the map that I upload is the only file.
About what you said:
1."The folder is to be found on the tablet or install something from the Google Play " I don´t understand what shoud I install form Google Play Is the base map?

  1. “Given the image 2 above, I don’t quite see the benefit, since you seem to have already overlaid the boundaries of parcels onto the map”.

Yes, but all is in the tpk file. This is the correct way? My file is to heavy becasue all is in a unique file.

"So if the shapefile is the same boundaries, you won’t see anything new on the map, or perhaps the same boundaries in a different color. "

I would like to see a better base map if I think in the person who have to localice and drew the poligon of the area of a crop in the map .

Sure. You may have that folder. But the shape files must be placed specifically to the folder that I’ve indicated above. If it doesn’t exist on the tablet, you need to create it. This doesn’t affect the other folders that you may have there.

I revised my post above to make it more clear.

I still don’t know what you want to do. I can only explain how the program works.

The resolution of the satellite imagery will determine the size of the file. The better the quality the bigger the size. And you also wrote:

So hence the trade off.

Good day,

I am useing cloud server, and from what i am reading it should work the same as local server. My questions are as follows

  1. Can i use geographic question so the interviewer can see if they are out of bounds (ED Boundary) , with a shape file of in my case a enumeration district (ED), with the base map being of the parish?

If you prepare an overlaid map of the ED in advance, then ask the point geography question then the interviewer will see the current location (the blue dot).

Thanks alot, much appreciated, but another quick question, what file format should this map be in.

Try making a map in a *.TPK format.

thanks again, do it put this file directly in folder discribed in previous posts “TheWorldBank/Shared/MapCache” or can attach with assignment to interviwer.

Sorry if I am not opening a new topic but I thought that it would be better to continue this discussion. Please let me know if you prefer that I open a new topic.

We are reviewing the new map features and testing them on the server

The map question alongside the possibility of overlaying the boundaries layer is a very interesting feature and will definitively help enumerators to identify the correct boundaries of their assigned area. Thanks indeed for the efforts made to improve the mapping capabilities.

First issue. The server can upload Geo tiff format following your indications above (1 single .tif file in the zip file). the problem is that the offline maps loaded on tif format do not show on the tablet whilst the ones on .tpk format do. Tiff file is easier to handle and is open source so for us is quite important that this format works properly in the SS system.

Second. In the point question, the button says “tap to edit the area” this can confuse the enumerators that would think that they have to draw a polygon instead of plotting single point

From the enumerator perspective, the “manual” dwelling location question is a good monitoring resource to the GPS one. Enumerators can check if they are in the correct EA and if they have entered the right EA code as if they were checking on the paper map, but at the same time, they can see their current location. Great feature!!