Use default language for the cards on the interviewer dashboard

The cards for the assignments and interviews on the Interviewer dashboard show the question text for the identifying questions in the Original language (English) instead of the default language (Khmer). We have translated the identifying questions since it displays in Khmer on the cover. The interviewers will learn to find the assignments and interviews despite the English text so this is a minor issue. But it would be easier for the interviewers if the cards displayed the question text for the identifying question in the default language.

Lena, the language switch at the dashboard is impeded by the fact that the dashboard may show cards for different surveys in the same view, while those surveys may or may not have languages in common (e.g. “French” and “Thai”), or may have the same language named differently (e.g. “Khmer” and “Native”).

Perhaps, the way out would be to show all occurrences of the language names from all the cards in the dashboard and let the user pick one, while providing fallback to original language for the cards that don’t have the selected one.

Would that be a suitable solution?

That is a good point, Sergiy. Your suggestion sounds like a suitable solution for me.