Use answers from previous questions and multiple rosters to pre-populate answer to list question

Good day everyone,

I have an existing PAPI which I cannot change and I have to adopt the design of our CAPI for it.

I want to collate answers from several questions and use that as pre-populated answer to future question.

here is the simulation:
question 1 - what is the name of household head
answer 1 - john

roster 1 - who among the family members do farming (after asking how many members of the family, in this case 2)

  • john (also hh head)
  • peter

roster 2 - who among the family members do fishing (after asking how many members of the family, in this case 2)
peter (also doing farming)

future question - write down the list of family members starting from hh head
answer: this will be the unique answers on the questions (items) above which should be pre-populated plus any additional entries

  • john (hh head and farmer but just one entry here)
  • peter (farmer and fisher but also one entry here)
  • paul (also on the answer above so should be pre-loaded here)
  • mary (additional entry not on the preloaded list)
  • jane (additional entry not on the preloaded list)


Hello @OliverPA ,

traditionally the list of the household members is asked first, then they are detailed on whether they are involved in certain activities. Refer, for example, to Schedule 2B (Section C) of the Agricultural Census, 2012, Philippines:

This is very much compatible with the Survey Solutions’ capabilities and can be done, for example, with a list of members collected as a text list, followed by a roster (triggered by this list) with conditional questions inside the roster.

The reasons for changing the order and lack of flexibility in your case are not clear.

Besides the order of questions problem, you may also encounter identification problem (in your example, when John is mentioned again in the second list, how can one be sure whether it is the same John mentioned in the first list or some other person also named John?) In some cases you will need to talk to the person to find out if he is involved in an activity (even if you are the head of the household) simply because the others wouldn’t know, and other similar issues.

Hope this helps.

Best, Sergiy

Thank you very much @sergiy, will see if this can work out on what we have right now.