USAID: Annual Farm Survey in Nepal (2022) using Survey Solutions

USAID has announced Survey Solutions will be used for KISAN II annual farm survey using Survey Solutions in November 2022.

Design and conduct an annual farmers’ survey to measure outcomes. KISAN II conducts an annual farm survey in June and feeds results into the July progress report. During the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying GON travel restrictions (FY2020 and FY2021), KISAN II conducted annual farm surveys virtually, using World Bank’s Survey Solutions computer-assisted telephone interviewing. KISAN II conducted its Year 5 annual farm-level monitoring survey in person using computer-assisted personal interviews. However, because of the focus on two new commodities— fine rice and industrial maize KISAN II will conduct this year’s annual farm survey in November 2022, again using Survey Solutions. The timing is appropriate for maize as most of the main season maize will be harvested before November. Results from the November survey will be reported in the 2023 annual progress report.

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