Urgent:Unable to export data from the server

Dear All,

I am not able to export data from the server it says “export service is not available”. Can you please help me know why this is happening.

Hello, what version of Survey Solutions are you using?

20.4.1 is that the reason. How do we update

You can download newer installer from download page. As of now latest is 20.05.2 version. Run installer and it will prompt for upgrade.

Please use support email for such cases. We might need log files from your server to determine why Headquarters application cannot communicate with export service.

Thank you. Was able to update but do we need to do that for every survey. I have been receiving this error and am not able to download. Can you please let us know why this is happening and whether this is will happen for every new version update.

From provided screenshot it looks that application is working properly, wait for export file be generated.
What do you mean for every survey?

I am not able to download data from the server. it does not display export file destination. It just says preparing and we are not able to download data. As shown in the above screen shot it only says preparing but no download option.

Thank you andrew. I was able to resolve the issue. The issue was from our server. We had to update the log file.