URGENT: Translations not displaying correctly


I am working on a project for which we just uploaded a new version of the questionnaire to Headquarters. The questionnaire has 12 translations and in the new version these translations are not displaying properly on the interviewers’ tablets. The question text is in the selected language, but all response options are displaying in English. In previous versions of the questionnaire, this was not an issue, and no changes have been made to the translations since the previous versions.

We have checked all programming in Designer - all syntax is correct, translation templates are complete and without error, and we receive no error message when we “Compile” in Designer. Additionally, the questionnaire and translations are displayed properly when we test in the Tester App, and we find no errors when we export a PDF of the questionnaire in one of the translated languages.

This seems as if it may be a bug in the Survey Solutions/Headquarters platform. This is an urgent issue as we have now had to pause data collection until this problem is resolved.

This issue has been resolved with an update to the newest Survey Solutions version.