Urgent Request for restart the stopped server

Dear Survey Solution Team,

Hello there, Kindly I request to restart my water.mysurvey.solutions. I was concentrating a lot to clean the data on excel file after exportation. Currently, I want to shift changes to the server and then I received the following message

The Site Is Stopped

The site was stopped because our records indicate that:

  • Either the survey should have been completed more than 30 days ago,
  • Or the site was inactive for more than 30 days.

Please contact us if you believe that this is a mistake.

Thank you,

Survey Solutions Server Administration

What does the following mean specifically?

Thank you my server was stopped.I was concentrate to clean data on the excel file for a long time, after finished the cleaning process in the excel file and now I want to change the data in the server. Please advice

I think there is something wrong with the sequence of the steps.

  1. Conduct interviews.
  2. Export data.
  3. Close server.
  4. Clean-up, transform your exported data.

See also the chart at this page:

Please take time and explain,

  1. what is the objective of trying push the cleaned-up/transformed data back to the server?
  2. what is the technical means of doing this? which commands or API calls you plan to use?