URGENT: CAWI feature not working

Dear All

I wanted to create a web interview but it doesnot work. When I press on start it says stop web interview but it doesnot generate any web links. Can you please help it is quite urgent.

Thank you

Have you carefully read all the instructions on how to set-up your CAWI?

Please find a detailed description here.

You have correctly tried to start the Web Interview through clicking on your questionnaire -> Web Interview Set Up -> Start Web Interview (After having adjusted all the content?).

As a next step, you need to decide if you want to share one link for all respondents or create one link/assignment for each respondent.

For the former: Create an interviewer account on your server, create a new assignment for the questionnaire that you just have set-up as a web interview. Select your “interviewer” as the responsible person, Quantity: -1 (Unlimited), Tick Web Mode Activated.

After creating the assignment, go back to your questionnaires, click on the respective questionnaire for which you just created the assignment and select “DOWNLOAD WEB LINKS”. This will download you a text file in which the link can be found that you can share among respondents.

Please note, this is a quick and rough guide on how to set it up. Again, please read the instructions stated above, plus all other documentation provided by the Survey Solutions Team, which can be found here.

Dear Peter,
I found this explanation very helpful. Thank you very much.