URDU Category text (font) shown very small

Hi SS Developer Team,

Text of URDU language of value label (Category in ADD CATEGORY) showing very small in Tablet. How do I increase the font size? Screenshot is attached for your better understanding.


Sitanshu, the screenshot shows the designer screen, but you are mentioning specifically the problem occurs on the tablet. Which one is right? Sergiy

Problem is occurring on the table.

I am sending the table screenshot soon.

Sitanshu, on the screenshot make sure some English text is visible in the same line for comparison, include the technical info about the tablet (brand, model, os version, etc). Sergiy

Those English texts are visible fine. Definitely I will check the technical info of the tablet/s. and get back to you soon.

English text is needed for comparison. I don’t know what “very small” is. Sergiy