Uploading Translations

I’m having trouble uploading a translation for an instrument. We have been able to successfully upload two translations, but the third upload continuously fails. When uploading, we receive an error message “request failed unexpectedly.” At first, we figured this was a server issue, but we are able to upload other translation files successfully. This one file seems to be an issue. Any advice on what may make a file unreadable as a translation?

The excel file we are using for the upload is the template downloaded from Survey Solutions.

Please send us a file with translation that fails to support@mysurvey.solutions. Please also indicate the title of the questionnaire you are having this issue with.

Is there a limit on the number of characters per cell in the translation sheet? Could that be causing the upload error?



there is a limit as Misha has pointed out in his message, but this can’t explain the error that Vdounoucos is experiencing, because for this case there is a proper error message:


And the message is issued at compile time, not during importing of the translation file.

I second Misha’s recommendation to send the translation file to the support address so that we can try to reproduce the problem and figure out recommendations.

Best, Sergiy