Uploading tif files for basemaps

a year ago I uploaded .tif files in a zip as basemaps for a geography question, and it worked fine. This year, when I upload the exact same files, I get the error “gdalinfo utility not found. Please install gdal library and add to PATH variable”.
Did anything change with respect to uploading tif files?

Yes, several things have changed since the last year :slight_smile:

Please take a look at this part of the server installation process.

@FMBARBA , you may have used the server managed by someone else where the GDAL utility was already installed, however it is not clear where you were and where you currently are hosting your server, as well as which versions, but do check the setting pointed to by Zurab.

Thanks for the info’s, we reached out to our IT specialist who was able to set the server up with GDAL.