Upload of assignments (zip and tab files) failed with An unexpected error occurred. We are sorry for inconvenience

Started today, yesterday was fine.
SUSO ver 20.12 (build 29959)
Premise Server: http://suso.nbs.go.tz:9700
(I saw one thread here shows as the error is caused by the mask on the text question trying to format the value and a temporary solution is to delete a questionnaire which I can not do it now in the mid of the survey)

Any fast advice will real help as the Teams are waiting for the preloads.

If something was working on your server yesterday and not working today it is most likely related to the changes done to the server done by your server or network administrator of which the members of this forum would not have any information.

Under normal operation you should not be seeing the message that you mentioned. Potentially the memory, storage, or some other resources have been exhausted, which is again not obvious to the people not having access to your system. Server logs should be more informative.

You mentioned a thread about deleting the questionnaire. Please include the link to that post.

Thank you for prompt reply Sergiy. The error has solved itself as this morning managed to upload the preloads successful.

The thread I mentioned earlier is " Error PL0000 during batch upload" of August 2018.

thank you again

Thank you for including the link. The bug mentioned in that thread was fixed promptly in 2018 and is not affecting the version installed on your server.

I am glad to know that the problem resolved itself, but the reasons for it remain unclear.

I will share with you the server logs for more investigations.
thank you