Upgrading to latest version

Hi there,

We are trying to upgrade our local Headquarters software (currently on version 18.08.2) to the latest version of Survey Solutions 18.12, however when we try to upgrade the software performs a fresh install and overwriting all our current data.

Could you please advise if we are doing anything wrong or if there is an issue with the latest software version?

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

Hi Eugene,

We were (so far) not able to reproduce the behavior you’re describing, the upgrade seems to be working on our test machine. There are parts of how installer works (productid and upgradeid detection and fresh/upgrade path branching) that comes from built-in Windows/msi logic and not our code so it may be difficult to quickly diagnose.

Can you clarify what do you mean by ‘overwrite current data’? installer replaces files stored in your survey solutions\site\ folder but all data are stored in the postgresql database. So there is NO way that this process will loose any data.
Where do you have the database installed? if it is on the same machine and you didn’t change any defaults then it will be on locahost:5432/SurveySolutions and the new installer will keep the same connection string.

But if you have postgres installed elsewhere or otherwise changed the connection string, and IF the installer is doing fresh install and replacing settings with default values then you indeed may not see your data after upgrade.

Meanwhile I can suggest a manual alternative: All the data stored in the database is not affected by the installer - separate migration process will start once new version of the application is activated. So the only file on the disk that needs to be persisted is survey solutions\site\configuration\headquarters.web.config

So in order to perform manual in-place upgrade:

  1. make a copy of headquarters.web.config - this is the place where we store connection strings
  2. stop the site (and app pool)
  3. run the installer - as you said, it will write all new binaries as well as overwrite headquarters.web.config
  4. copy back the original headquarters.web.config
  5. edit headquarters.web.config (you may need to open notepad as administrator) and add this one line to AppSettings section:
  6. start the site/app pool.

Let us know if this doesn’t help.