Upgrading questionaire showing bad report


in our server we had 59 completed interviews and 3 not started yet.
After upgrading questionaire to ver. 2 we got message “Upgraded successfully: 62” what is not true.
Only 3 interviews was upgraded to ver. 2. Because all compleated/started interviews stay in ver. 1.

I think showing not upgraded interviews could be also usefull.
Upgraded successfully: 3
Not upgraded : 59

22.02.4 (build 32340)


Good day martinb,

This message (Upgraded successfully: 62) might be a bit confusing. Actually it shows the number of assignments (not interviews) that were created from the previous version of the questionnaire and than upgraded. I believe it would be a good idea to change text to Processed successfully: [number] or to follow your suggestion. I will create a ticket on GitHub to do that.
Thank you for the message.

IMHO the current message is correct.

As part of the upgrading of assignments each assignment is processed in order, whereas the program examines it whether it may upgrade it or not. So every assignment will be processed successfully, barring for some unpredictable crashes like out of memory or something like that. We can think of it as:
T = U + S
where T is total number of assignments, U = upgraded, S = staying in the current version.

If anything is not processed - the program will stumble right there. But if anything is not upgradable, it is skipped.

A better message could be something like: “Upgraded successfully 62 out of 100 existing assignments of My Important Survey from v2 to v3”.

In practice however nobody bothers. Instead you:

  1. go to the Assignments page and select survey and version
  2. look at the total shown there, that’s T in the above formula
  3. go to the survey setup page
  4. start assignments upgrade process, e.g. from v2 to v3
  5. go to the Assignments page and select survey and v3 - that is your U
  6. while still at the Assignments page and select survey and v2 - that is your S


I understand now… what make me confused little bit was when I successfully upgraded 62 Assignments and I wanted upgrade ver. 2 to ver. 3 then I got message successfully upgraded: 3.


this decision depends on

  • the changes that you did to the questionnaire between the previous and current versions;
  • the data that was preloaded into each specific assignment.

From your description we know nothing about either of the above, but the screenshot you’ve shown is certainly feasible under normal functioning. Additionally, since you are describing two upgrades, it must be taken into account that assignments that are already fulfilled are not upgraded (which could have happened after the first upgrade was completed and before the second one was started).

Best, Sergiy