Upgrading assignments

Hi there,

Following a questionnaire update, I’ve been having trouble upgrading assignments. The questionnaire has been uploaded, but the tasks have not. I’ve tried it for 13 hours and it still doesn’t work. Few tablets are failing to sync to the server. The errors that flag on tablets are:: Looking for supervisor’s device
Check that supervisor’s device has WiFi and Bluetooth turned on and that you are within close proximity

These two look incompatible to me - the message that you cited does not correspond to the process of synchronization to the server, but to the supervisor’s tablet.

You are right, it could be a tablet issue. However, all our supervisors are working online. So we thought the fieldworker’s tablets are failing to communicate to the server.

This should be easy to check. If all supervisors are working offline, then no interviewer’s tablet should have ‘Allow synchronization with Headquarters’ unchecked. In other words, all of the Interviewer Apps should show vertical synchronization, and never horizontal synchronization.
See more here.

Best, Sergiy