Upgrading assignments after change in questionnaire

We have a survey with pre-loaded questionnaire. This has created assignments = no of households (1 assignment for each household). We found an error in our questionnaire and corrected and uploaded the new version to the server. We also upgraded the assignments.

The assignments for which interviews were already created and received by the server were not upgraded as expected. The assignments which were not allotted to an interviewer were upgraded.

The assignments that were received by the interviewers on their tablets, were also upgraded. But the interviewers started using these assignments and created interviews for them and sent the filled questionnaires to the server. During this sync, they again received the upgraded assignments for the same households. Before we could notice and stop them, the interviewers refilled a few of these assignments, creating new interviews. Now we have 2 interviews for these assignments (2 filled forms for the same households).

2 interviews for the same household

Assignment details for the upgraded assignment

Assignment details for the old assignment

I have 1 suggestion and 1 question:

Suggestion: When a new questionnaire version is loaded and assignments upgraded, the server should not upgrade the assignments already received the interviewer tablets.

Question: How do we handle this now? Are the following steps enough?

  1. We will delete the extra assignment. (Which assignment should we remove?)
  2. We will delete the extra/duplicate interviews. (Can we delete the interviews?)

What will these options do?

  1. Assign will reassign the assignment to another interviewer
  2. Archive will archive it. (Will it also un-assign it from the interviewer?)
  3. Close: What does this do?

Archive is equivalent of delete. It will disappear from interviewer dashboard, but you will be able to unarchive it later.

Close assignment will set assignment size to the value of collected interviews meaning that you don’t want to collect more. For example if you have assignment with size 10 and 4 interviews collected close action will set size to 4 meaning that assignment is done.

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@andrii We were able to archive the duplicate assignments. But we can’t delete the duplicate interviews? The delete button is always greyed out.

Once interview is completed it cannot be deleted anymore. This prevents data loss of collected data.

This is what we did.

  1. We traced all duplicate assignments and archived the ones for which data wasn’t collected, or was collected twice (achieved 1 of 2). We ensured that the number of active assignments is same as before.
  2. Traced all duplicate Interviews and assigned them to an interviewer named Trash. Now when we have our final data ready, all data assigned to Trash will be deleted during the cleaning process.

Again, I would suggest a check built within the software that prevents such duplication of assignments.

May I also suggest a feature where we should be able to delete an interview to a trash can/recycle bin. This interview can restored if needed. This way it is easy to monitor the survey process (without the deleted interviews inflating the number of interviews) while also ensuring that data doesn’t get permanently deleted. We may then download / export the data with or without these ‘deleted’ interviews.

Reassign to a special team trashbin in RejectedByHQ status. Export data in ApprovedByHQ status. This will avoid inclusion of these interviews into the export file.

@sergiy This is process we are following now. We were filtering out interviews by the user Trash. This seems to be an easier way by simply rejecting the interviews and not exporting the rejected interviews.