Upgrading assigments

We are trying to upgrate assigments for a questionnaire and we don´t understand why we don´t see any questionnaire listed as shown in the picture

At the moment of importing new version of a questionnaire (which has assignments attached to it) users are presented with a choice to upgrade existing assignments or keep attached to the previous version. Most of the time you’d want to upgrade right away.
i.e you had a questionnaire prueba, version 1, and some assignments created from it. Now you modified your questionnaire (added address field to the cover page, for example). Reimporting will create questionnaire prueba, version 2, and offer to upgrade those existing assignments so that they also get ‘address’ field on the cover page.

The menu item you encountered (survey setup > questionnaires > upgrade assignments) is useful if you at the import stage didn’t upgrade assignments, but afterwards change your mind.

So if you click on prueba, version 2 > upgrade assignments, in the dropdown you will see the previous versions (in my example only version 1) for which you can select to upgrade assignments.

Naturally, if there are no previous versions of a questionnaire you selected (say if you’d do the same by clicking on prueba, version 1) the drop down would be empty as there is nothing to upgrade.

You can test this by logging into the demo server and trying the upgrade on ‘FINACCESS 2021-24’ questionnaire (somebody seems to be actively testing it so there are already 12 versions imported). If you click upgrade assignments on the version 12, you will get the drop down list of 7 items with all the previous versions listed with existing assignments.