Upgrade to v 21.01

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now the server is using version 20.10 of survey solution, we need to upgrade it to 21.01, can you please let us know what commands we should use or how we do this upgrade ?

Version 21.01 has been superseded by subsequent releases, see the release notes .

We only supply the most recent version through our download page.

Thank you for your answer, okay can you show me how to upgrade to 21.06 ! am using the github repo GitHub - surveysolutions/docker-compose: Docker-compose samples for my installation, how to upgrade now! do I wget the link and do what next ?

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ok I have done it, so for who can face the same issue : 1-stop surveysolutions container 2-docker pull surveysolutions/surveysolutions 3- run ./run.ssl.sh 4-restart the new conatiner

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