Upgrade from 20.12 to 21.06 the latest version on 09/2021

Hello all, Serghey,

Please, I want to do the upgrade on running 20.12 to 21.06.

I would prefer to ask you the best way to do it, before doing some mistakes.

Please advise as a list of steps: 1.2.3…


Forgot to mention I am on Windows Server 2016.

To upgrade:

  1. Though not required, just as a precaution, you may want to backup your /Site directory/folder
  2. Download the latest Survey Solutions installer (currently SurveySolutions. from https://pds.mysurvey.solutions/api/apps/installer/latest
  3. Run the installation on the server where you have version 20.12; because you already have it installed, the installer will upgrade the current installation to 21.06.
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