Updating Survey Solutions interface translations

Survey Solutions interface translations are part of the program source code and are modified by the developers.

Anyone willing to update existing translations or provide new translations should:

  1. Indicate the willingness to do so in the Survey Solutions users’ forum (this forum).
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Instructions for the Translators of the Survey Solutions Interface
  3. Await the Excel files to be shared (via private message in this forum).
  4. Provide the translation as soon as possible upon receiving the files for interface translation.

We reserve the possibility to select the translator, do additional verifications or quality checks, refuse the integration of the updated content, etc. Also, be mindful of the timelines. Updated translations may be released within the next planned release, which can mean a month or two upon receiving the completed translation.

If you are building your own version of Survey Solutions from the source code we provided, an example of adjusting the messages is a recent commit: