Update windows server from 22.06 to newest version (23.09)

Dear Survey Solutions,
We’re about to update our 22.06 server on Windows server platform. I was looking through the release notes to see if there are any issues or special steps to take. I couldn’t find any documentation aside from the release notes. I assume this means it should work without significant issues.

I will take a snapshot of the windows server, and I’ll backup the Database beforehand.

Is there any documentation? For example, do I need to save config files? Or is it expected the update should work fine with the .exe ?


Non-technical answer from a relatively non-technical user.

Before updating, be sure to snapshot. That way, you have a fallback state to which to return, should anything go wrong.

But in my experience, everything goes right, and updating (a Windows instance) is just as simple as running the exe for the new version. The installer then detects an existing installation and applies all requisite updates (e.g., replacing/updating components in place).

More technical people can probably provide a better answer.

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