Update Servey Solutions (Docker)

Dear SS admin and expert,

I am currently running Server Solutions on Amazon LightSail using SurveySolutions Docker (Deploy using Docker). My current version is 23.06.1 (build 34560) and I want to update to 23.09.1 (build 35025).

I followed the instructions in the documentation, which are:

  • Stop docker container with Survey Solutions
  • Run docker pull surveysolutions/surveysolutions
  • Restart docker container

However, after doing this, the version is still the same. I am not sure what I did wrong or what I should do next.

Please, can someone who is an expert on this help me and explain what I need to do?

Thank you very much.

: Updating Survey Solutions

Yes, the docs need to be fixed to correct this part: you’ll need to remove the old container (running the previous version) and create a new one. So it would be:

docker rm hq # or whatever name you have to the container

And then create the new container with the docker run ... command.

Yes, my container name is ‘hq.’ Removing the container won’t result in data loss?. Could you provide an example of how to create a new container with the updated version?

Thank you,

most of the data are stored in the (postgres) database, so removing the app container will not affect that. Some data (images, other files) are stored on the disk, did you use the -v (volume/folder) option when you created the original container?
if so, those files are also saved on the host machine, outside of container.
But if you did not attach any external volume to your container (bad idea), then those files are currently stored inside the container so you must copy them out before removing.

Can you clarify how did you create the original container?

Dear @zurab

This is my original docker container:

sudo docker run -p 80:80 -d --name hp
-e “HQ_Headquarters__TenantName=hq”
-e “HQ_Headquarters__BaseUrl=https://abcds.org
-e “HQ_ConnectionStrings__DefaultConnection=Server=ls-xxxx.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com;Port=5432;User Id=dbmaster;Password=xxxxyy2222;Database=SurveySolutions”
-v “hq_data:/app/AppData” surveysolutions/surveysolutions:latest

so you just need to remove the old container, pull the latest update and rerun:

docker rm hq
docker pull surveysolutions:surveysolutions
docker run ...

It is better not to run docker with root privileges (plenty of discussion about this online) but do add sudo in front whenever needed.