Update identifier variable


Is it possible to change an identifier variable after assignment?

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Kevin Martins

No, this is a unique ID which is generated by our system automatically.

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Survey Solutions team support


Maybe I’ve wrongly expressed my question. I mean if it’s possible to change a variable with scope Identifying?

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Dear Kevin,

Do you want to change a variable name on Designer in identifying question?
If yes, then you will have to import this questionnaire once again and then to create a new assignment.
If I didn’t get your question - provide more details.


Survey Solutions team support

Dear Aleksandra,

While batch creating assignments, we have an identifying question that represents the “zone”. During the survey, some enumerators didn’t pay attention to this variable causing them to randomly pick the assignments. Luckily we have a GPS variable. We then use this variable to determine what’s the interview “zone”.
My question is, it’s possible for us to change the “zone” identifying question so it can match the GPS coordinates where the interview took place? Or should the enumerators repeat the interviews?

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Still not clear what you are asking. Once you export the data from the system, you can change any variable you want, or, do you have some other scenario?


Kevin Martins,

  1. you wrote “During the survey, some enumerators didn’t pay attention to this variable causing them to randomly pick the assignments.” In Survey Solutions assignments are assigned by the superior users, (HQ, supervisors) hence the term ASSIGNMENT. So I am not sure why you are blaming the interviewers.

  2. Values of the identifying questions can’t be revised once entered. You can’t discard these interviews either, since you’ve already seen them on the server. Only unsynced (fresh) interviews can be discarded on the tablet.

  3. Once you export the data, do the necessary edits (as the previous post suggests).

  4. In some cases the reason for the mistake is the mismanagement of the sample at HQ, or including into identifying questions something purely artificial that the interviewers have nothing to do with: zone, cluster, segment, and other (often rudiments of sampling information).

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Hello Michael and Sergiy,

Thank you for your feedback.

@Sergiy, I’m trying to check the best way to solve this issue, not trying to blame anyone. You’re right, the error was made by 1 specific supervisor during distribution. Instead of “zone”, I guess I should’ve used “zipcode”. Does it qualify as artificial or sample mismanagement?

@Michael, I was trying to see if there were another option. Wouldn’t it be a good idea, for future releases, to allows administrators to change identifying questions?

Best Regards,
Kevin Martins

IMHO zipcode qualifies as “artificial”.