Update and sync Survey Solutions does not work

Our server was updated to version 19.12.4.

Since then, the interviewers are not able to sync their tablets.
They are being asked to update to the new version. The tablets are stuck in a loop, even after updating the tablets, they are being asked to update again and cant sync.

We also did ‘collect and send option’ in Diagnostics, but we do not see questionnaires data in Server.

Will cache clear remove all data ?

Can we have both old and new interview app side side? If yes can newly install app able to fetch old completed (un-synchronize questionnaires)?

Update manually, read here:

This is a developer’s option only to be used when instructed by the support.

Do not execute cache clear unless instructed by the support team.


@Girish, please check with your interviewers, which versions of Android they are running. We believe the problem is of partial incompatibility and some interviewers managed to update through the Interviewer App. Please do let us know. Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

Thank you for support.

We have all tabs on version : 8.1.0 OMr1(27)

Best regards,