Unlock an Designer account

Hello MySurvey Solution Designer account had been locked out two week ago. How can this append ? And how to get back my account


This happens if you’ve done something that disrupts the work of the other users of this system.

Hi Sergiy,

A colleague from the National Institute of Statistics in Cambodia has just had the same issue. He is responsible for the design of a CAPI system to be used for a national survey in 2-3 weeks, and cannot access his Designer to revise/test it. Two questions:

  1. How can he get his account unlocked as soon as possible?
  2. Can we have more details as of why it got locked, so we make sure it does not happen again?

I have never met that issue, and I have no clue about what he may have done wrong.
Thanks a lot.

Hi again,

Digging in a bit and I think that I found out why his account got locked: “I only changed the demo server password”… I guess this explains. I told him (again) that the demo server password should never be changed; I think he struggles to understand the difference between the public demo server and the personal demo server. Now how does he get it unlocked?
Thank you.

Hello @benj

Yes, that is a certain way to get blocked.

I’d count on you to explain this difference to the colleague.

As you have probably seen through this forum, this is not a unique case, so at the very least, what is the specific account of the unnamed “Colleague from the National Institute of Statistics of Cambodia” are we talking about?

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

I am not sure that mentioning his name in public would be very helpful. He knows he made a mistake, no need for shaming here. I will send it over to you by email.
Thank you.