Unexpected error occurred during export

An unexpected error occurred during export. We are sorry for inconvenience. Please contact support team support@mysurvey.solutions with the log files *.log that are stored in the application folder. Additional information to this issue is available at the support page: https://support.mysurvey.solutions/headquarters/config/standalone-server-errors/.

What is your version of Survey Solutions?

The version is 20.07

Have you sent the log files already?

It’s an old version having issue that have already been fixed.
If you have no objections to update it to the latest one please do it.
If your current workflow doesn’t allow you to update it please provide log files.

The version is 20.07

@vitalii, hare a few questions I would ask were I in @mugula2k 's place:

  1. Is it safe to update from such an old version to the current version?
  2. Are there any things the server admin should do in order to prevent or reduce the likelihood of problems?
  3. Is updating as simple as downloading the executable of the latest version, running it, and waiting for the update to complete?

Sergiy and Vitalii

I sent the log files. Still waiting for the reply


  1. The older the version to update the larger amount of things could be affected. So it’s safer to update regularly.
  2. Issues could be found and fixed in the later versions. To avoid even facing them it’s recommended to update regularly.
  3. Yes, updating is just downloading one file and running it. If someone is doing it regularly it’s not a problem at all.

We have upgraded our server to 22.02. But exporting data stays at PREPARING… What could be the issue. Thanks for the continues support.


Preparing is one of the steps during the export.
Did it stuck in preparing or export has already finished by now?
If it stuck, please try to do Procedure M1 from here Procedures for maintenance

Thanks Vitalii,
Just to be sure. Does the schemas starting with hq_ and ending with a 32-hexdigit GUIDs only contains the exported data.

Hello Vitalii still waiting for your feed back Thanks

Just to be sure should we delete the schemas with hq_14cf…

We have up deleted the Schemas starting with hq_… and we exported the data, its now coming to 11 hours still preparing.

also we see this error below Please help us since the demand for data is getting too much. Thanks

@mugula2k, please discuss with @peter_wanjiru who has reported the same issue before and reported overcoming the issue in:

Please, share your findings with the rest of us!

Thank you, Sergiy

@sergiy , if I’m reading the referenced thread right, @peter_wanjiru did nothing and the problem mysteriously resolved itself (and then came back and just as mysteriously resolved itself again).

Are there any actions one can take if export is stuck in PREPARING status? For example, would there be any harm in restarting the site in IIS?

@sergiy actually there is no progress report for our its now almost two days no sign of finishing soon.

Hi Sergiy,
The issue of taking so long to prepare export is on and off. I experienced it yesternight then it resolved and was working fine during the day but right now I am facing it again.

We are observing occasional issue on exporting of large amount of interviews.
It will be fixed it in upcoming version.
As a workaround for now the export might be restarted several times to process all data.